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Ames Farm is nationally recognized for producing Single-Source Honey, which we define as raw honey from one location, one hive and one time period. 

In the spring of 1996 Brian Fredericksen, owner/founder of Ames Farm was standing in the kitchen of his 1905 farmhouse eating some Dandelion Honey from freshly made comb. He realized that each 40-pound box of honey (called a super) produced by a hive, was unique to a time period from April to October, and to the floral sources of its geographical location. Wanting to capture and share this moment in time of honeybee artistry, Ames Farm Single-Source Honey was born. Special flavors, aroma, and colors are preserved and represent the differences between each location, hive, and time of season. During the long honey production season in Minnesota, a series of consecutive blooms occur starting with Dandelions in the Spring, Dutch Clover in June, Basswood trees in early July, Sweet Clover in later July, and Prairie Flowers and Fall Wildflowers into September. Some of the supers of honey come from one major floral source (massive bloom), and others like Fall Wild Flowers, are a collection of multiple smaller blooms.

Each jar of Single Source Honey has the location, hive number and floral source printed on the label, making it unique and specific to a time and place in Minnesota.