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Land For Bees

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Over my life time as a beekeeper and avid nature lover, I have witnessed the loss of pollinator numbers firsthand.

What used to be a sky full of butterflies and bees is now mostly silent and the south west 1/3 of Minnesota has become a virtual pollinator death zone. The loss of habitat and over use of herbicides has turned Minnesota prairie into mostly grass, field corn and soybeans. 

Commercial honey colony numbers in MN have fallen by half since 1997 and the honey crop by 75% as rural Minnesota has been turned into grass and cropland. 

Land For Bees - The Vision

Land For Bees was formed as a land holding company and now owns 233 acres. I want to raise awareness about the loss of pollinator habitat and leave my land set aside in conservation easements with the primary use as pollinator refuges. This is a problem that can actually be solved by rural land owners and I want to set an example. 

I have given this problem considerable thought and research and formulated my own 4 part plan for how to save the Pollinators  and Commercial Beekeeping farm sector in MN.

 Please consider helping however you can. 

Support Our Mission 

Help us maintain 233 acres of land for pollinators. Replanting trees and flowers for pollinators is a major emphasis that these funds will be used for along with annual mowing and weed management. The proceeds of any products or subscriptions purchased on this page will be used exclusively to further our goals described in the Land For Bees Mission statement found here 

You can support our mission by the purchase of any product on this page.