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Honey Wedding Favors

Honey Wedding Favors | Wedding Favors | Custom Corporate Gifts

Our two-ounce jars of raw honey are a wonderful way to say thank you to friends and family for coming to a special event! Perfect for weddings, showers, birthday parties, and corporate giving, these event favors are filled with MN-made honey (choose from 6 varieties!) and come in 22 different designs. 

  • Custom Honey Wedding Favors
    Choose from several classy solid color options and customize your own names and/or message on the top label.

  • Seasonal Honey Favors
    These custom honey favors are truly unique—choose from designer-made patterns that best match your event style and personality, while also customizing the top label text.

  • Classic Honey Favors
    The classic event honey favors are 6 of our most popular raw single source honeys but are discounted for purchase for larger quantities.