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Bulk Honey

Local Minnesota Honey for sale

The vast majority, 87% of honey for sale in the United States is foreign sourced. The loss of pollinator habitat across the country is the main reason American honey is in short supply. 

Raw Bulk Honey 

Raw wildflower honey in recyclable quart, half-gallon or pails  containers convenient for shipping. Use this honey for baking, cheese plates, a sweetener in drinks and in place of sugar. This high quality honey will crystallize since it is unheated and raw.


Fresh Table Honey

Very gently warmed to maintain its liquid state for almost a year, this 100% pure honey is sold in plastic squeeze containers for easy use. Convenient as a table honey for using in your tea or coffee, on toast or a classic peanut butter and honey sandwich!


Creamed Honey

Raw creamed honey that is easily spreadable. With very minimal processing, a multi-flower honey is churned until it's smooth and creamy. It maintains an icing-like texture versus the varying consistency of the different crystallizing stages. Use this honey in a very classic way of spreading some sweetness on your toast, cracker, or bagel!