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Bee hives at our bee farm inMinnesota making raw honey


Raw Bulk Honey:

Raw Minnesota wildflower honey in quart, half-gallon, and gallon plastic recyclable containers convenient for shipping. Use this raw honey for baking, cheese plates, a sweetener in drinks and in place of sugar. This honey will crystallize since it is unheated and raw.


Fresh Table Honey:

Very gently warmed to maintain its liquid state for almost a year, this honey is sold in plastic squeeze containers for easy use. Convenient as a table honey for using in your tea or coffee, on toast or a classic peanut butter and honey sandwich!


Creamed Honey:

Raw creamed honey that is easily spreadable. With very minimal processing, a multi-flower honey is churned until it's smooth and creamy. It maintains an icing-like texture versus the varying consistency of the different crystallizing stages. Use this honey in a very classic way of spreading some sweetness on your toast, cracker, or bagel!