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Raw Buckwheat Honey


Our raw Buckwheat Honey in a bulk 2.9 pound plastic or glass quart or a 6 pound plastic half gallon. 

This antioxidant rich raw honey has several potential health benefits beyond clover and other more common honey floral sources.

From boosting your immune system to the holistic use as a natural medicine for sore throats and coughs, its always good to have some on hand. Other medicinal uses for our raw buckwheat honey include restorative skin treatments for burns and abrasions. 

This is local honey made in Minnesota USA. Since this raw honey is unheated and therefore contains the original antibiotic and medicinal properties that the bees produced, it may be liquid, partially liquid or crystallized. Please visit our FAQ section for directions for how to liquefy raw honey. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Buckwheat honey

Good stuff. Tastes good and has great health benefits as well.

Ann K
Wonderful honey

I first bought this honey for my mother when she was sick as it has good health benefits and she loved honey. She passed away faster than expected and never got to open it so I took it and tried it. I
absolutely love the flavor, always loved honey but this is much better tasting and I have been buying it regularly ever since. Hooked on it.

vitaliy buts
Not bad

Not bad honey, thank you dear.

Sandra (Long Island NY)
Amazing Honey!

I ordered raw buckwheat — amazing quality of honey! Live the glass jar! Will be ordering again! Thank you for your service!

Dean Rosten

When I got this qt, it was solidified. It's honey I know, boil it... But
Your plastic jars don't do well in hot water... I lost 1/2 the jar when the cover popped off while boiling!
Love the honey! 5 star! As well as the quick service! Just didn't expect to have to boil it first...