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Seasonally, we offer honeybee nucleus colonies and full deep hives for sale in Texas and Minnesota.

In Minnesota, depending on your level of expertise, we offer hive rentals to beekeepers or provide a beekeeper to maintain rental hives on your property or corporate site for a fee. 

The advantages of renting hives from us are several. We offer different levels of support tailored to different beekeeper or landowner needs. The 4 main benefits to renting versus owning are:

  • We supply healthy mite free bees on chemical free combs.
  • Queen replacement regardless of the reason for failure is a simple phone call or text away to our beekeepers.
  • Harvest, extracting, bottling and custom labeling services takes your honey crop to a new level without the need to buy the equipment.
  • Fall and winter survival chances are increased since we will pick up the hive treat, feed and winter them in Texas.

Please note: Hive rental services are only available from May until September in Central Minnesota.