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Honey Bees

Commercial bee hives in East Texas
Let our 28 years of beekeeping experience help you be a successful beekeeper.
We offer an array of products and beekeeping services  

Bees For Sale

Honey bees for sale available as bee nucs.
Spring pickup at our bee farm in Delano Minnesota or In East Texas at our Mt. Enterprise Texas Location 

Beekeeping Classes 

Spring Beekeeping Class In late spring and 
Hands On Beekeeping Class in late July (Minnesota only).

Queen Bees For Sale 

Mated VSH queens June-Aug for pickup only at our bee farm in Delano Minnesota 

Bee Hive Rentals 

For those in Minnesota that are interested in having bees on your property but don't want the time commitment and learning curve involved in keeping a bee hive. 

Hive Wintering Service 

Minnesota Beekeepers let us feed and treat your bees for varroa mites in fall and then take them to Texas for winter!