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Hive Wintering Options

Losing your hive to varroa mites or winter losses is no fun and can leave you scrambling at the last minute to buy bees in the spring. We have a limited number of spots available on the semi trucks that take our bees south to Texas for overwintering in early November. This service also includes 3 key benefits for the backyard beekeeper and his/her bees in Central MN:

  • complete fall & spring varroa mite testing and treatment
  • fall/winter/spring supplemental sugar syrup feeding
  • hive is returned with a new queen in early May 2024

Send your hive along with professional beekeepers to winter with our bees and leave the stress of wintering hassles and uncertainty to us. Plus you get a new hive of bees back in the spring that's worth $195 already installed and brooding up in your equipment!

The following conditions must be met to qualify your hive for this service.

Hives picked up by us or dropped off by you in Watertown MN by 9/15/23

Contact us for an exact date and time. 

  • Hives must be queen right,  brood healthy and pass our inspection.

  • Hive stacks may be any of these 4 combinations: 1 Deep, 2 Deeps, 1 Deep & 1 medium or 3 mediums. Additional hive bodies are not needed for wintering in the south.

  • Prices vary for hive drop off/pickup by you $195 or hive pickup/drop off by us $260.00 Quantity discounts available for 3 or more hives—contact us for a quote. 

  • If you want us to pick up and deliver your hive(s) and distance is a factor, please call to discuss before purchasing: (952) 955-3348 8-4pm M-F. We're best able to accommodate a 25 mile radius from zip code 55388.

  • New! All hive wintering and nuc customers will receive our Beekeeper's cell phone number that you can use to call or text him with questions about your bees. We want everyone to have success with their bees and we back that up with access to education and mentoring, 
  • MN sales tax of 6.875% will be collected on this service

Note: we winter in east Texas on our own 33 acre farm near Laneville Texas, where the land is partially wooded and is used for cattle pasture and gas wells. The area is free of agricultural pesticides and intensive agriculture. Also we don't rent any bees for pollination services in Texas or anywhere over winter, and your hives will NOT be used for this kind of activity while under our control.


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