The Herdsman - Cosmic Wheel Creamery - Ames Farm Single Source Honey

The Herdsman - Cosmic Wheel Creamery

May 10, 2024Brian Fredericksen

As we were getting ready to attend Cheesetopia in Milwaukee in this year, we couldn't get honey and cheese pairings off our minds. So, here’s our first #cheesebuzz, a pairing guide posted every other week that features a tasty combination of two of our favorite things!

Cosmic Wheel Herdsman Cheese with Ames Farm Honey

We start out with the very creamy Herdsman, an aged raw milk cheese from Cosmic Wheel Creamy at Turnip Rock CSA. We paired it here with our dutch clover honey first for a mild, earthy sweetness. The caramel tones in this honey make an indulgent, pleasant pair with the cheese.

Cosmic Wheel Herdsman Cheese with Ames Farm Dutch Clover and Buckwheat Honey

Looking for more drama for the palate, we then paired it up with our raw buckwheat honey. This really brought enhances buckwheat's molasses-like, savory punch and also brings out the tang in this creamy cheese. Sidenote: the Herdsman is also a stellar melting cheese! Use it for a really nice mac 'n cheese or grill it in a sandwich!

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