Moon Glow - Cosmic Wheel Creamery - Ames Farm Single Source Honey

Moon Glow - Cosmic Wheel Creamery

Apr 16, 2018Brian Fredericksen

What better way to cheer our snowy selves up this week than pairing a sunny, creamy cheese from Cosmic Wheel Creamery to an equally sunny, tangy dandelion honey?

Raw Dandelion honey and cheese pairing


Moon Glow, a nutty raw milk cheese, pairs like a dream with our single source raw dandelion honey, and in this case, gets a tasty grainy assist from a dense loaf of Vollkornbrot from Sun Street Breads in South Minneapolis.


How to pair honey and cheese


If you do get your hands on that VKB from Sun Street, be sure to slice it really thin, because this German-style whole grain loaf is rather thick, loaded with seeds and rye. A little slice of it is perfect for a little pat of softened salted butter and a drizzle of honey. See the rest of our Cheese + Honey Pairing Guide here!

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