A Raw Honey and Artisanal Cheese Pairing Guide

One of our favorite foodie indulgences is a little pool of honey with cheese (any cheese!), a few crunchy crackers or bread butts, and fresh fruit. Since raw single source honey is our specialty, however, we've made a tasty pairing guide for different seasonal Minnesotan honey and cheese varieties! 

✔︎ Blue and similarly strong, sharp cheeses go well with equally bold honey like our buckwheat, buckthorn and fall wild flowers

✔︎ Bloomy, soft-ripened treats like Brie and Camembert are best dressed up with aromatic honey like dandelion, sweet clover and basswood varieties.

✔︎ Hard Alpine cheeses get their nutty flavor enhanced by savory honeys derived from wetland and mid-summer flowers in Minnesota, like dutch clover and summer blossoms.

Use this guide for all occasions like dinner parties, housewarming, or just because you're craving a sweet and savory bite. 


Ames Farm Cheese and Honey Guide


Ames Farm Cheese and Honey GuideAmes Farm Cheese and Honey Guide