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Sogn Tomme - Shepherd's Way

June 11, 2018

As the summer sun renews our gardens and lush bee pasture (finally!), we're staying in the moment and pairing spring's last savory blossoms with a new cheese from Shepherd's Way Farms in Nerstrand, MN. Enter Sogn—a farmstead cheese made by hand from sheep milk by cheesemaker Jodi Ohlsen Read. The name stems from a long history of local cheesemaking in the nearby Sogn Valley in southern Minnesota.

  Shepherd's Way Farms Sogn Tomme Cheese with Ames Farm honey

This sinfully rich tomme-style semi-soft cheese has higher fat content than most tommes, so its mild, crumbly texture pairs well with a variety of honeys. Our favorite, however, is a big drizzle of raw Savory Spring honey. The nutty, earthy flavor in Sogn echoes similarly savory notes of maple and caramel, so it's a win-win for our palates! We indulged in even more local goodies in form of barley beer crackers from Minneapolis bakery Sun Street Breads. These special bites are made with love using a golden ale called Supergiant from Able Seedhouse and Brewery. YUM! Go get some.

Sogn Tomme from Shepherd's Way Farms paired with Sun Street Breads crackers and Ames Farm raw honey  

See the rest of our Cheese + Honey Pairing Guide hereEvery other week, we're featuring our favorite local (and sometimes imported across state lines) cheeses along with the best matching single source raw honeys.

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