Ames Farm Honey Gift Guide 2023 - Ames Farm Single Source Honey

Ames Farm Honey Gift Guide 2023

Dec 04, 2022Brian Fredericksen
Honey Gift Guide | Honey for sale in the USA
High Quality Raw Honey and Beeswax Candles at a Fair Price!
We strive to make the best honey! Everything we make at Ames Farm is hand crafted with care and an eye on the details. If you are shopping for unique food gifts consider our options below. Free shipping on all orders over $35.00!
multiple shades of honey with comb for sale
Perfect for a cheese plate, available in 5 different floral sources.  $14.00-$19.35   
Land For Bees Raw Honey Subscription
Land For Bees Raw Honey Subscription This raw honey subscription is mailed out 3 times a year and includes two 9oz jars of a fresh or unique, raw Single Source Honey $37
Basswood honey and comb honey
 Basswood Honey & Comb Bundle Fresh new crop 2022! The best of both worlds! If there is a "signature" honey for Ames Farm this is it! $25.00
Ames Farm Sweet Indulgence Food Gift Box
Our most popular gift box! Quantity discounts available $38.88
Honey gifts for the holiday
Floral & delicate meets earthy & bold $27.25
Ames Farm Honey Samplers
3 pack or 5 pack $15.50 - $22.65
Honey sampler stocking stuffer
Beeswax candle, small honey jar & gift tag $7.70

100% beeswax candles
Handmade old style beeswax candles $9.55 - $28.20
Beeswwax Wrap DIY Premix Bar
Beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil pre-melted. $9.99
Buckwheat Honey Quart Jar
Earthy like black dirt at a farm on a hot humid morning in August $30.00

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