Ames Farm

Spring 2024 Beekeeping Class & Nuc Bundle


Spring is the best time to start a beehive, and taking a beekeeping class is the best way to avoid experiencing the dreaded hive collapse caused by varroa mites.

The course will be taught by Brian Fredericksen, owner and founder who established Ames Farm in 1994 and has kept honeybees for over two decades. 

The class is held Saturday April 27, 2024 12:00-3:30 pm at Voyageur Environmental Center (700 County Road 15, Mound MN 55364). The class sells separately for $100

The bundle includes one of our bee nucs we sell separately for $185 so you are saving $20 when you buy the bundle. Click here for more info on the bee nucs.  

Terms: class and nuc bundle are non refundable after 4/10/2024. Bee nucs will not be available at the time of the class, expect to pick them up on or soon after 5/10/2024

The course is designed to give you an overview of the following: 

History of Beekeeping 

Honeybee Biology


Disease & Pests of the Honeybee

Year Around Hive Management 

Queen Rearing

Honey Production

Honey Selling & Marketing

As part of the 3.5 hour course, you will receive a handout of the course materials and references. Hive ware and beekeeping equipment will be on hand for your inspection. 

After the course a half hour will be available to discuss your equipment needs. There will be some bee supply catalogs available to look over. We recommend Mann Lake or Dadant & Sons as the two best beekeeping supply houses. 

Questions? call (952) 955-3348 9am-4pm M-F or email us from the contact form