Land For Bees

Sweet Clover Seeds


A useful plant for honeybees and other pollinators that grows well on vacant land and unused property border strips.

You can top seed it right after the snow melts in Minnesota. It’s a biennial so it flowers every other year. The nice thing about sweet clover is it provides nectar and pollen for 2-3 months depending on if it’s mowed or how much rain is received. 

We carry both the Yellow Sweet Clover and White Sweet Clover seeds. The yellow blooms earlier during early to mid June in Central Minnesota. The white comes on later and persists into fall.  

All sales from seed purchases go to our Land For Bees initiative to replant and establish pollinator refuges on our land. Read more about Land For Bees here 

Seed coverage is 1 pound per 3100 sqft. Inquire by email or phone for bulk pricing.