Ames Farm

Fall Wildflower Comb Honey


Our honeybees collect nectar from fall wildflowers and make this light-amber to amber colored natural honey combs from one of the last harvests of the season

Each fall is different but Fall Asters, Goldenrod, Jewelweed and various wetland flowers make up the possible nectar sources for this hard to find wildflower comb honey. The sweet honey flavor varies from mostly savory to some occasional fruity & woody notes. 

Raw comb honey is a traditional form of honey that preserves the honey flavors inside the comb and is fully edible.

The beeswax comb network is made by the worker bees a few days before they fill it with fresh honey and then cap off the surface with more beeswax. We simply cut the slabs of fresh honeycombs from the wood frames and then into smaller pieces for sale. No other processing step or heat is used to prepare these sweet masterpieces of nature for an ultimate raw honeycomb flavor experience!



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