Hands On Mid Season 2020 Beekeeping Class

Taking a hands on beekeeping class with a seasoned beekeeper is the best way to learn firsthand how to assess a honeybee colonies health, potential and needs. 

This course is designed with the backyard beekeeper in mind who has not successfully taken a hive of bees through winter yet but is open to anyone who would like to attend. 

This class is hands on and requires the participant to bring a bee suit, veil and gloves.  See first hand the different stages of honeybee brood growth, swarm cells and queen rearing steps. Varroa Mite testing will be done on a hive as well. Bring your questions and bee problems to the class for discussion. 

The class will be held 1pm to 4pm Saturday, July, 20, 2020 at Ames Farm in Delano Mn. The course will be taught by Brian Fredericksen owner/founder of Ames Farm established in 1994 who has kept honeybees for over two decades.  

Course Overview

Brood Identification

Disease & Pests of the Honeybee

Swarm Management

Year Around Hive Management 

Queen Rearing

Honey Production

Winter Preparation

Terms: class is non refundable after 7/5/20. Please do not attend if you have a known allergy to bee stings.  

Questions? call 952.955.3348 8am-4pm M-F or email us from contact form. 

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