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100% Beeswax Candle 2.8" Pillar


Our natural beeswax candles are the best alternative to paraffin and soy, as beeswax burns brighter and cleaner. Beeswax is also said to emit negative ions when burned and these bond with positively charged ions of dirt, soot, and other airborne particulates—the effect is to act as a natural air cleaner.

Each of these 100% beeswax pillar candles are 2.8" diameter by 3" or 5" tall. Burn time is 120 hours for the 5 inch and 65 hours for the 3" height. 

All of our beeswax candles for sale are handmade in Watertown, MN.


Customer Reviews

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Beeswax pillar candle

Great purchase! So much nicer than paraffin!

Mrs. G
Just splendid

Bought these candles to help freshen the air in my house, which was successful. They've also become a small source of peace and relaxation for myself. I enjoy the very light honey scent they give off and the overall minimalist appearance they have. They take nothing away from the landscape of my home and give it all the warmth it's been needing. Thank you. And thank your bees from me.

Elizabeth Lhotka

Quality product!

Clean burning and smell amazing!

I am sensitive to fragrances, but the very light and natural honey smell is quite enjoyable!

Lynn Kenny
Burn nicely

These candles have a nice thick wick so they actually burn down which is great since many I have tried do not have sufficient wicks. That said, the burn time was not as long as I would have hoped on the shorter candle. I just started burning the taller pillar and will see how that goes!