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Ames Farm Brewers & Distillers Varietal Honey Inventory

February 27, 2020



We cataloged and put into a spreadsheet a curated Brewers and Distillers Varietal Honey Inventory. 


Each season in Minnesota, we produce and harvest around 1,000 honey supers (box of 9 combs) that are discrete floral snapshots of some time period from spring to fall. So each pail of honey is unique to a location, hive and flower or season. 

A long day was recently spent in the honey lab sampling  dozens of pails of Single Source Honey by recording data like:

Color PFund that specfies the color of the honey. 

Moisture % of water. Honey stores best with a moisture of 18.2% or lower. 

Harvest Date: the time period of when the honey was produced. 

Geographic location or known as the bee yard location in MN

Floral Source the plant, tree or shrub or seasonal flowers the honey was produced from 

Tasting notes for each pail 

The curated inventory is a published spreadsheet which will be updated as the various pails are sold or new ones added. The inventory is geared for the brewer, mead maker, distiller or bulk honey buyer. To purchase honey off the list please contact us via webstore@amesfarm.com

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