Sweet & Comforting Hot Toddy

March 30, 2018

Sweet & Comforting Hot Toddy - Ames Farm Recipe
When winter hits bone-chilling lows here in Minnesota (and we're talking -20F lows), we (responsibly) reach for this comforting mix.

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Cold-Warding Honey Ginger Tea

February 21, 2018

Cold Remedy Honey Ginger Lemon Tea Recipe
A mixture of ginger, lemon, and raw honey combines a number of natural anti-inflammatory qualities all in one jar.

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Honey Peach Summer Spritzer

February 15, 2018

Honey Peach Summer Spritzer
Savor the long-awaited season of juicy peaches with this refreshing cocktail, perfect for a hot summer afternoon.

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Minnesota Basswood Honey Mojito

February 08, 2018

Minnesota Basswood Honey Mojito Recipe from Ames Farm
We've put a local spin on this refreshing mojito recipe using our signature, purely Minnesota-made honey—basswood!

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