Ames Farm Single Source Honey

The Triple Crown Of Ames Farm Honey


Once a year we have our best honey available in this limited collection of Rare Ames Farm Honey. Quantities are limited. A truly exceptional work of beekeeper and honeybee art! 

  • Purple Loosestrife Honey 9oz jar & 5oz cut comb
  • False Dragonhead Honey 9oz jar & 5 oz cut comb
  • Basswood Honey 9oz jar & 5 oz cut comb 

These jars of raw unheated honey and the cut comb honey are of the highest quality and flavor. An ideal gift for the honey connoisseur or honey collector and cheese plate lover! This kind of unique honey collection is one of a kind because of our Single Source Honey process!  This honey product qualifies for free shipping!