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Bee Nucs Texas Spring 2024


Honey Bees for Sale pickup in Mt. Enterprise Texas 75681 spring of 2024. Ideal for beginning beekeepers!   

Each nuc contains Four Deep Langstroth style frames of honeybees and capped brood with a new recently mated, laying VSH queen bee and plastic feeder in a recyclable plastic Pro Nuc Box

We use breeder queens from our friends at VP Queens that are the main queen breeders of VSH honeybees in the USA. So these are F1 hybrids that express the VSH traits quite well.  

Varroa Sensitive Hygiene (VSH) is a behavior that can be selected for in honeybees where they open capped brood that is infected with mites ending their reproductive cycle 

Our honey bees are inspected by the State of Texas Apiary Inspection Services and we have the proper import and export permits.  

All of our nucs are started with queen cells and will have been laying 4-5 weeks by the time they are available for pickup.

You provide the hive bodies, stand, covers and the skill.

 We do not ship bees, because these are not package bees. You pick the nuc box up from our apiaries in Spring 2024 at our bee farm near Mt. Enterprise Texas.

Why buy a package of bees and hope the queen eventually lays, when you can buy a nuc that has a laying queen and capped brood? None of these bees will have gone to almonds. They are wintered in East Texas in an area that has no agriculture beyond cow pasture.

Nucs will be made up in Texas and mated there during March and April. The cost of each nuc is $195 each. Marked queens cost $25 extra use the pulldown menu for marked and unmarked.

A 50% deposit payment option is available with the balance due later or at pickup.

East Texas bee nucs pickup tentative date 4/27/2024

As we get into April, we will confirm by email the exact date, time, and address for pickup

Please note most days the bees are busy flying during the day so pickup is always later in the day at dusk. Contact us by email for special pickup needs.

Warranty: We guarantee a new 2024 laying VSH queen in each nuc and will inspect each one before pick up. If you find you still received a queenless or bad nuc you must contact us within ten days by email to get a free replacement queen. No replacements or adjustments are available after ten days. 

If you need to cancel you order, you will receive a refund if you request the cancellation by March 1, 2024 by emailing us at After 03/01/2024 nuc deposits and purchases are not refundable as these are made to order.