Bee Hive Rentals

Beekeeping is a rewarding and fun way to interact with the environment and involve your family and community. The logistics and acquired skills though to keep bees alive is not simple. Having a place to safely store equipment and the time to maintain hives year around is a daunting responsibility. 

That's where bee hive rentals may make sense for some people. We offer a complete package that includes the hive of bees, combs to collect honey and the bee suit and accessories you need to maintain your bees. We even will help you harvest the honey and extract and bottle it as an extra service.


Bee Hive Rental May 15th - August 20th 2017 $400

Includes Brood Deep 9 frames Brood Super 9 frames with bees and new queen. Bottom Board, Inner Cover, Telescoping Cover and drop off and pickup service.

This rental assumes: 

you have taken a beekeeping class or have previous experience. 

have a veil or bee suit, smoker, hive tool, supers to collect honey and access to an extractor and bottler to harvest the honey 

Note> we reserve the right to refuse rental to whomever we feel is unprepared to maintain a hive properly or does not have a suitable location. 

Additional Accessories and Services.

Honey Supers 9 frames drawn comb $30 each

Excluder $15

Smoker & Sisal Twine Fuel $50

Hive Tool $10

Bee Suit with Veil  $100

Honey Harvesting/Extracting/Bottling Service $200/super (We remove the honey crop, extract the honey and bottle your honey crop in a glass pint jar.

Complete Package 

Hive Rental, and all accessories and harvest service. 

1 Super $805 Value > package price $725

2 Supers $1035 Value > package price $875

3 supers $1265 Value > package price $1000

Custom Package 

Call us with your specific needs for a quote 


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