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Artist Designed Honey Favors

  • These selections of honey favors are truly unique. We work with local designers and artists in the Minneapolis area to commission original labels that are printed solely for Ames Farm. These favors are the perfect addition to your wedding, shower or any other event! 

    We're beginning this collection with our own designer, Anne Ulku. Anne has a eye for vibrant and unique designs and we're excited to offer these original designs. You can find out more about Anne here. You won't find these designs anywhere else! 

    You'll choose your favorite Single-Source Honey(s) and then pick the label you prefer. Quantities are chosen on the next page.  **Please note that the minimum quantity for purchase is 48 jars**

  • Once your order is placed we will follow-up with you to confirm the specifics of your order. Should you have any other questions you can contact us at webstore@amesfarm.com 

  • Sample Request -  For a minimal shipping charge ($3.00) we will send you a sample of 2 jars of an Artist Design Honey Favor with your personalized message printed on the label. Click here to take advantage of this special offer. 

           Free Shipping via UPS! 

  • Choose from the 6 floral sources of honey below:

    • Basswood - aka the Linden Tree blooms in early July and yields the most delicate floral and citrus flavor profile and lightest color of pale gold.  

    • Sweet Clover - This is our most popular floral source! Sweet Clover honey is produced in mid summer and has soft vanilla and almond notes.

    • Prairie Flower - This honey is collected from the prairies of Minnesota. This is a collection of late summer nectar sources and is reminiscent of warm August nights and freshly baled hay. 

    • Summer Blossoms - Our Summer Blossom honey is a winner with everyone! You'll taste floral and herbal notes in this mid summer honey. 

    • Fall Wild Flowers - Looking for something different? Our Fall Wild Flower honey is a rich yet fruity honey with herbal flavors. This is usually a darker colored honey.  

    • Dutch Clover - This is made from all of the little white clover flowers you see in summer. It's a mild caramel flavored honey that's semi-sweet and universally popular! 

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