Ames Farm Overwintering Hive Care Agreement

The customer acknowledges the following

* Customer understands that up to 4 deep sized drawn frames of bees and brood or 8 medium frames if the hive is configured with all medium hive bodies, will be removed and replaced with new Mann Lake wood frames and plastic foundation.

* Hives returned in spring 2017 will contain: a new 2017 laying queen and 3-4 frames of brood and bees.

* Customer has 7 days from receipt of the hive in April/May of 2017 to report a bad or missing queen. A free mated queen will be supplied if this occurs.

* Customer agrees to provide timely communication and access to their property if their bees are being picked up by Ames Farm.

* The intent of this service is for the customer to receive a live hive of bees regardless of whether the bees they handed off in fall live or die over winter.

* In the rare case of an act of god and your hive is lost, stolen, or destroyed, Ames Farm is only responsible for the actual replacement value of the equipment in the form of:

If this rare instance did occur, the customer will be notified of the loss within ten days and full refund of the paid service cost plus the value of equipment and bees as described above will be made in 60 days.

* In the event Ames Farm cannot deliver live bees in the spring due to a catastrophic loss that cannot be foreseen, customers will be notified by March 1st and the equipment returned by March 31st.  A full refund will be issued when the customer is notified. 

* Ames Farm does not rent bees for pollination services in Texas. Your bees will NOT be used for any pollination rental services while under our control.



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