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Careers-General Manager

We are looking for an energetic and thoughtful manager who has demonstrable experience in either sales and/or operations. The ability to manage multiple projects successfully is a key skill that any applicant must have experience in. Any applicant should also have an interest in food and specifically sustainable agriculture and naturally produced food. We believe in providing quality products and taking care of the fruit and animals (bees!) we raise. To be clear, this is a farm and any applicant must be in good physical shape, able to be on their feet for long periods and able to lift 60 pounds repeatedly.

We anticipate new growth in the coming years from several products launched this year. Additionally, we are breaking ground in 2017 on a new state-of-the-art honey processing building. We are looking for a startup-minded candidate who is willing to grow with us.

This position will be responsible for the day-to-day operations and sales of Ames Farm products which includes managing the following areas:

Manage, develop and forecast sales through multiple channels including: distributor, wholesale, farmers market and online sales. Also includes monitoring and improving distribution methods and strategies.

Manage year around honey processing, extracting and bottling including forecasting and managing labor needs and solving process flow issues;

Hiring and managing all employees (7-10 staff), conduct performance reviews and develop incentives and bonus programs to help retain employees.

Develop pricing and marketing strategies for current products and services while developing new products

Forecast and monitor income and expenses. Contribute to long term plans for equipment and business direction. Invoicing, payroll and basic bookkeeping a plus. 

Basic Qualifications/Desired Experience:

Benefits Offered:

Start date: 
ASAP. Preference for interviews will be given to applicants from Carver, Wright, McLeod and Western Hennepin County.

Starting pay:
$34,000 - $41,000/salaried dependent on health insurance needs with additional compensation based on yearly sales.

Interested? Tell us why you would be a good fit! Submit cover letter and resume via email at webstore@amesfarm.com