Our Team

Your Source for Local MN Raw Honey

Ames Farm is a farm with 18 bee yards spread over central and southern Minnesota. The honey is extracted and bottled on a farm near Watertown, MN. We produce over a dozen varieties of high quality, raw Single-Source Honeys, Table Honey, Pure Beeswax Candles, Bee Pollen, and other bee products. We also maintain five apple orchards and market 12 varieties of apples.


Apis mellifera carniolan (or Carnica)  - Hive Member - Unarguably the hardest working and best-organized members of the team, the honeybees are a matriarchal society working as a single organism. We raise and keep this northern variety of bee native to Slovenia, versus the more common Italian variety that originated in the Mediterranean. Carniolan bees are known for their gentleness, superior sense of orientation, and over-wintering abilities. 
Brian FredericksenFounder & Owner - Brian was formerly a 3M process engineer and a sled dog musher.  He bought an old homestead and orchard from a fellow dog-sledder who also happens to be the developer of the Honeycrisp Apple and other varieties. Brian became interested in keeping bees while witnessing the pollination process. Since then, he has grown Ames Farm Ltd and the brand to national recognition for producing the absolute highest quality of Single-Source Honeys. Single Source Honey Varieties are uniquely accountable as "hive-to-table" and 12 different apple varieties are sold at market every fall.
Josh - General Manager - Josh oversees all of Ames Farm's sales and production. He ensures that our customers receive the highest level of attention and support as they inquire and purchase our products. Josh also makes many of the beeswax candle products that are featured on our webstore.  He formerly worked in Washington, DC before relocating to Minneapolis, MN. 
Jeff - Beekeeper - While Jeff was originally responsible for maintaining the orchards and harvesting apples, he has become a Beekeeper for Ames Farm. The primary work of maintaining and growing the number of hives, and increasing the hardiness of the bees, is crucial for producing our incredible Single-Source Honeys.