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Field of Dreams Yellow Clover Honey & Bee Pollen Set

We found a Beekeepers Field of Dreams, 50 acres of densely planted Yellow Sweet Clover near the bee farm. This unusual density and amount of sweet clover allowed us to produce a very pure honey and bee pollen. 

The honey has a distinct mild cinnamon herbal flavor, while the bee pollen tasting very sweet with a tangy finish. This single source honey and bee pollen set is a perfect companion to a soft cheese on a cheese plate, smoothie or plain yogurt topping. 

It’s fun to dress a salad with it as well or add to a bran muffin recipe. Bee pollen is loaded with almost every vitamin you can think of as it’s the bees only source of nutrition in the form of fat, protein and some carbohydrates. Because flower nectar that they make honey from alone is a total carbohydrate.

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