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Single Deep Hive of Honeybees

A deep hive body with 8 frames of Carniolan bees, brood and honey with a laying queen and a plastic frame feeder. Also includes a bottom board, inner cover and telescoping cover. The hive body and listed equipment is used but in good condition (same as our own production hives).

Pickup in Henderson, Texas OR Watertown, MN late April only. The cost each is $330 or a 50% deposit of $165 is required. The pull down menu here allows either option. Call us at (952) 955-3348 for quantity breaks or if you don't need the covers or bottom boards.

Warranty: We guarantee a laying queen in each hive and will inspect each one before delivery. If you find you still received a queenless or bad hive, you must contact us within ten days to get a free replacement queen. No replacements or adjustments are available after ten days. 


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