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Sweet Clover Comb Honey


New  2023 crop! Sweet Clover Comb Honey is made by our honeybees during July to early August as the sweet clover peaks and summer wanes. It often has a light herbal or cinnamon flavor and is considered to be a mild flavored honey. 

We have lost much of the former stands of wild sweet clover along roadsides and vacant land in MN. Please plant sweet clover, yellow or white variety for the honeybees and pollinators!

Comb honey is a traditional form of raw honey that preserves the honey flavors inside the beeswax comb and is fully edible.

The beeswax comb network is made by the worker bees a few days before they fill it with fresh honey and then cap off the surface with more beeswax.

We simply cut the slabs of fresh honeycombs from the wood frames and then into smaller pieces for sale. No other processing step or heat is used to prepare these sweet masterpieces of nature for an ultimate comb honey flavor experience! 


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