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Raw Honeycomb

New! Stray Pine - Chunk Honey 14 oz

Temuri Balakhashvili, or Temo is the lead beekeeper at Ames Farm. He grew up in the mountains of The Republic Of Georgia where he kept bees before he came to America. Now he has his own hives on the West and North periphery of the Twin Cities. We are excited to feature his edible honeycomb to highlight and support our employees beekeeping endeavors. 

In his own words " So the name Stray Pine comes from the couple hundred years old pine tree up in the mountains where I spent most of my childhood with my grand parents. It is the only pine tree in the area and the altitude is 6000 ft from sea level. In the spring we still take a hike 15 miles from from town and when we see the Stray Pine it would make us feel good like a beacon showing us the way to our home. Many good memories of picking berries, herbs and seeing my first honey harvest. So Stray Pine reminds me of of my childhood, beekeeping and flowers in the mountains" 


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