Comb Honey & Bee Pollen

Ames Farm your Source for Local Minnesota Raw Honey Comb & Bee Pollen!

At Ames Farm we manage our apiary for the production of approximately 8000 pieces of Comb Honey and 1000 pounds of Bee Pollen each year.

The production of Comb Honey or edible honeycomb has become a lost art among beekeepers, but we have integrated it into our beekeeping practices. The comb is cut directly from the frame for sale, so each season 2300 wooden frames are steam cleaned and assembled with a thin, fragile beeswax sheet of foundation. The bees construct hexagonal-shaped cells of beeswax on that foundation and fill each cell with honey. This gift from nature is entirely edible honeycomb and can be eaten straight out of the container, sliced thin for toast, paired with cheese or fruit, or melted into hot cereal. Enjoy an experience like nothing else, as complex flavors burst over your taste buds! Store at room temperature.

Bee Pollen is an unprocessed super-food loaded with vitamins and minerals. Honey bees gather tiny pollen grains as they visit each flower. The pollen grains are packed into a pellet form when mixed with their saliva.  Ames Farm Bee Pollen is simply these raw pollen pellets carefully collected from the baskets on the bees' legs. It may be used medicinally in the treatment of local allergies and is a natural source of protein, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes. Try a teaspoon in yogurt, protein smoothie or cereal. Store in refrigerator or freezer for best long term storage.

Both of these products and our SIngle Source Honeys are produced at one of our 18 bee farm locations in Minnesota and are labeled by location. 

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